In India, some radical elements attempted to defame muslim women on social media, An FIR was registered in this matter today.

Hundreds of Muslim women were sent "up for sale" on Internet using GitHub app

In India, some radical elements attempted to defame muslim women on social media, An FIR was registered in this matter today.

In about six months after the infamous "Sulli Deals" targetted Muslim women on the internet, a similar attempt was once again made on Saturday with hundreds of Muslim women going "up for sale" by an unidentified group on an app using GitHub – by the name of 'Bulli Bai' 

While 'Sulli' or 'Sulla' is a derogatory term used to for Muslims, 'Bulli' is most likely a spin on the term.

The Wire journalist Ismat Ara, who is one of the women named in the app, said that Muslim women have had to start the year with "sense of fear and disgust."

She further added that a complaint has been filed by her in this regard.

She added "A complaint has been filed by me with the Cyber Cell of Delhi Police for immediate registration of FIR and consequent action against people behind the auctioning of Muslim women on social media."

Ismat is a senior journalist working with independent media house The Wire and was credited for investigating the Hathras Rape Case after which the agencies were prompted to admit rape in the case after initially denying it.

She was also awarded the Laadli Award in the ‘web investigative story’ for her article on the intricacies of the medico-legal examination report on the victim of the Hathras brutality.

Several handles, including AIMIM Chief and MP Asaduddin Owaisi, condemned the incident, calling for action against perpetrators.

Five months after the Delhi and Uttar Pradesh police filed two different FIRs in the 'Sulli Deals' controversy, the case has reached a standstill with no progress in either arrest or investigation, The Quint's report added.

Shiv Sena's Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka Chaturvedi, who is one of the few politicians urging the Centre to take 'stringent action', told The Quint: "Frankly, there are some issues that should rise above politics. More so when you hold a constitutional position of heading the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Speaking for rights of women – no matter which religion they belong to – is the duty of the minister."

Chaturvedi further asked if the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology can summon other platforms like Twitter and Facebook, why not do the same for GitHub.

GitHub is essentially a hosting platform, with a repository of open source codes. The app 'Bulli Bai', like 'Sulli Deals', was also created and used on GitHub.