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 कामयाबी  / Kamyabi

​The book is an inspirational take on how one can succeed in life. It takes one through various paths and choices life throws on us and the proficient thought process and decision making that will help in ensuring success in life.





स्त्री का सम्मान / Stree Ka Samman

This book delves into the psychological patriarchy that our society is deeply embedded in, with respect to the female gender and lucidly explains why the female gender deserves respect in today’s world.






হজ্জ কিছু স্মৃতি কিছু কথা / Hajj kichu smrity kichu kotha (Bengali)

The writer Mr.Mohammad Sher Ali has described his personal perceptions and experiences in the book "Hajj: Some Memories Some Words". He has highlighted some issues in simple language. For example, during the Hajj season in Makkah-Madinah, beggars or hawkers catch everyone's eye, but how many people think of them? The author has focused on many such issues. He has tried to analyze some of the facts which are generally avoided. The author has pointed out some inconsistencies in his own words. This is a significant feature of his writing.






क्यों ? / Kyu ?

This book again is one with a deep rooted social message beautifully hidden in various contexts    showing the failure of the governments and society as a whole in protecting women rights.

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